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Challenge, Motivate, Achieve

Craig Dyce, Personal Trainer & Sports Coach

Craig showing a client the plank technique Craig coaching a client on the watt bike Craig coaching a client

Personal Training

My approach as a personal trainer is to tailor the fitness workouts to suit your lifestyle. This will maximise the chances of you achieving the results you desire.

Typically, if you are looking to lose weight, the emphasis will be on cardiovascular work; if you want to build muscle tone, you will find more emphasis placed on resistance exercises; and if you want all round fitness, you can expect a combination of both.

I will help you succeed by:

  1. determining your current state of health and fitness
  2. understanding your goals
  3. providing  a structured programme to follow that will challenge and motivate you
  4. ensuring you give 100% in each session through constant encouragement and motivation.

The fitness sessions typically last one hour and can take place in a location best suited to you. This could be with my extensive equipment at Arkesden Village Hall, your own home, or local outdoor sites.